Donnelly and Elliott Conveyancing

Our experienced and friendly staff are always at the end of the phone and can help you with the sale and/or purchase of your home from start to finish.

Many of our clients come back to us for advice time and time again due to the high level of individual client service we are able to provide. We also have a ground floor meeting room with wheelchair access or, if appropriate, can arrange home visits.

We have an open and transparent pricing structure which we think is highly competitive considering the service we can provide locally and nationwide (England and Wales only).

We can support you with…

We work closely with the Family Law and Wills and Probate department and can provide specialist advice in connection with:

  • Transfer of Equity – taking a person off or adding a person to, ownership of a property
  • Remortgages – changing your mortgage lender for a new one or securing finance against an unmortgaged property
  • Bespoke legal charges – securing sums of money (eg. A personal loan from one family member/friend to another) against a property
  • Declarations of Trust – a tailor-made legal document setting out shares of beneficial ownership of a property
  • Living together agreements – a document setting out provisions for how a property is to be dealt with if there is a breakdown of the relationship of the owners – either friends, family or unmarried couples
  • Assents – transfers of a deceased’s property to the named beneficiaries under their Will
  • Shared ownership transactions – housing Association properties, new leases, lease assignments or surrenders, stair-casing (buying further shares) and key worker loans
  • Right to buy – buying your house/flat from the council
  • High value property transactions – up to £5 million or beyond with prior agreement
  • New build properties – buying a new house from a developer

Gosport’s conveyancing advisor

In the ever changing market we can also advise on the best options  available for first time buyers, the pro’s and con’s of Shared Ownership or similar arrangements and complex leasehold transactions.

We have good relationships with many local estate agents and solicitors and take a keen interest in matters affecting local residents.

We have assisted with issues facing clients owning properties on the Gomer Estate, Royal Clarence Yard, Cherque Farm, Peel Common, those Compulsorily Purchased under the Rowner regeneration scheme and many more.

We are always willing to discuss your requirements initially by telephone free of charge and without obligation.

All your property matters

As well as residential conveyancing, we can advise you on a wide range of property matters including becoming a landlord, remortgaging your property or extending your lease.

Call us today on 023 9250 5500 for a no-obligation conversation about how we might be able to help.